We Developed the Wash Club
so You Didn’t Have To!

Developed by Industry Veterans, the wash club offers the perfect solution for both local car wash establishments and expanding multi-site operations.

  • Multi-Vehicle

    Wash Club supports both single vehicle models and fleet or multi-vehicle club models.

  • User Managed

    Customers and wash staff can make changes to account information on-demand through a simple, robust app interface.

  • Flexible Options

    Customize your offers and give customers the freedom to add or remove cars whenever they want, or update license plates up to once per month.

Unified App Dashboard

Monitor and control your membership club from one screen with options for coupons, statistics, totals, account information, and more.


Offer customers a single club experience spanning multiple local or even regional locations.

Menu Control

List and update your menus and specials for changing seasons or differing site availability.

Data Logs

Receive logs and analytics for membership activity. Identify trends and optimize your system!


Improve capture rate with percent off, fixed discounts, or free trials for customers new and old.


Track all payment processes, including accepted, attempted, pending, and refunded transactions.


Export overall business reports to track performance and take the mystery out of your membership club.

Customer Experience

Interested in Wash Club?