Simplify your car wash experience with instant license plate recognition. Download the app today!

How It Works


Download the app from the app store. Login with your email address.


Add your Vehicle details and License Plate. Update or add more at any time.


Choose the wash plan that fits you best. We have premium and economy washes.


Find your nearest Wash Club location and start washing!

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Easy Management

Update your car and payment information with a free, user-friendly mobile app.


Manage several vehicles and subscriptions from a single Wash Club account.

Wash Packages

Select the wash and price that's right for you, with the ability to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Wash owner?

Wash Club is more than just an app. It's a robust car wash management system covering customer accounts, point of sale transactions and financial analysis. Find out how you can use the Wash Club system at your car wash.

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